Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI)

Letter of Intent

TCPI Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) applicants are highly encouraged to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI).  Applicant LOI submission provides information that will assist CMS in preparation for the review of these applications.  The TCPI LOI is non-binding and is not a requirement to submit an FOA application.  Instructions for submitting the LOI can be found at the top of this page.


  1. DO NOT use your browser’s back button or navigate away from the LOI page while completing your response.  If you use the browser back button, it will result in your entered information being lost.  If you wish to preview your LOI prior to final submission, please use the print preview or print function in your browser. You will also have an opportunity to print your LOI after final submission.
  2. After you complete all components of the LOI, the system will generate a unique confirmation number.  Please save this number as it will be requested during the TCPI FOA Application process.

        Section II.  Points of Contact
        Section III A.  If you intend to apply to become a Practice Transformation Network, please answer the additional questions below.
        Section III B.  If you intend to apply to become a Support and Alignment Network, please answer the additional questions below.

In the event that the internet browser being utilized does not support the ‘Saving as a PDF’ capability, please select the print option which will allow you to Save the documentation as a PDF for reference.